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Addictive tendencies

We can help you triumph over your addictive tendencies or eating problems

Addictive tendencies, unhealthy fixations and cravings, and eating problems can destroy your life. Contact First Step Counselling for counselling for these conditions. I am based in Northampton, Northamptonshire.
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Need to get a craving or a habit under control?

Addictive tendencies can take over your life and cause both physical and emotional harm. They can also ruin lives, but that needn't be the case. Effective use of counselling may help you to overcome your cravings; it can re-frame habits into something more positive. These are complex issues. At First Step Counselling, I use an integrative approach offering the blend of therapies and treatments that are right for you. 

I can also help clients who have eating problems or an unhealthy or harmful relationship with food. Through effective counselling techniques, you can learn to value yourself and re-assess your eating habits. Call me today to find out more. I can assure you complete confidentiality and the highest standard of ethics.
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Experienced, caring and competent

I have been assisting clients with addictive tendencies, unhealthy fixations and behavioural habit problems for many years. Integrative therapies and counselling may help you regain control. 

Every recovery journey starts somewhere. Why not start yours today? You can benefit from my services in Northampton and the surrounding villages. 

Turn to First Step Counselling

When you have an unhealthy fixation or craving, you need a counsellor you can trust. I have a special interest in these matters. I also have a great deal of expertise in associated problems, such as low self-esteem and anxiety. Working together, we can find the right solution for you. Contact me for my services in Northamptonshire.
"You have really helped me with my problems. I know the road to recovery is long, but working with you has made me look at the way I use food and alcohol to manage my feelings."
- Anon
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01327 349 805 or 07816 349 306 for information about the addictive tendencies counselling sessions I conduct.
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